Our team of "Maestro's" provide your Enterprise with a proven approach to developing Strategic and Integrated Operations, Processes and IT Systems.

Solutions are Aligned with the complex and ever-changing Federal and State Regulations.


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Our fast-paced and ever-changing industry requires us to think Strategically about Integrated Operations while also improving Supply Chain Processes, that are supported by your Real Estate & Information Technology Systems.


Alignment of these critical components with Federal and State Regulation compliance and reporting while embedding consumer-driven traceability across your integrated enterprise to maximize profitability.

Today’s top-performing Cannabis and Hemp businesses demand dynamic and integrated strategies that can proactively react to change by using reliable data to drive just-in-time decision making.



We are Real Estate Operations and Technology Integrators

The diverse Cannabis and Hemp Industry Real Estate portfolios require integrated strategies for aligning Supply Chain processes across back office and front office technology. 

From Genetics Labs to Farms and Greenhouses, Processing facilities, Warehouses, Testing Labs, Product Formulation, Packaging, Manufacturing, and Retail Storefronts, we understand the diverse nature of these challenges. 

Alignment of your People, Processes, and Technology with Regulations and Compliance is crucial to preserving efficiencies and maximizing financial health.

Maestro Group Consulting has years of experience and knowledge in the Real Estate and Operations Technology Industries. We also speak and understand the unique language and complexities of the Cannabis and Hemp Industry. We have developed robust, integrated and sustainable portfolio strategies and implementation plans that serve as foundational roadmaps to guide your complex business.


Integrating Real Estate and Technology while creating Regulatory Transparency across your Enterprise and the Industry 





Integrated and Dynamic Processes across the Supply Chain, from plant to product are essential and foundational to your operations.

Processes can then be automated and linked to form a complete chain of workflow and resultant reporting data.

This Industry was started and built upon expert knowledge workers to understand the farm, the plants, the products, and consumers.

Understanding current staff roles and responsibilities within your organizational model and aligning each person's assessed strengths is crucial to building engagement and improving performance across your organization. Our experience in this area drives profitability and lasting employee relations.

Technology is only as good as the quality of the Processes and People that drive it.

Developing a Roadmap for your Integrated Technology will build a flexible and lasting Enterprise that can adapt to the constant change while enabling the appropriate reporting data required to make informed and solid decisions about your customer-driven products.

Federal and State Regulations are a moving target in the industry and are likely to remain as such for the foreseeable future.

Our team is closely aligned with the decision-makers and stakeholders who are influencing how these Federal and State Regulations impact your business. Our solutions align your business processes and technology that support compliance and reporting​​.



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Meet Our Executive Team

John Foster

After 25 years of building a strong reputation for delivering efficiency consulting to Owners, Operators and large scale REIT's, John became intrigued with the aligned opportunities in the newly legalized Hemp Industry and returned to his family farm in Northern Colorado to learn about and successfully grow Hemp in 2018-19. While farming hemp, John also developed an educational curriculum and workshop for farmers, producers, and investors. Launching Maestro Group Consulting was a natural next step in providing solutions to bring Real Estate efficiencies and technology integrations across the Hemp and Cannabis Supply Chain. His insights into the complexities across a fragmented and burgeoning industry are the catalyst for bringing integrated solutions to Hemp Companies and Investors.

Brian Utke

Brian has achieved exceptional results in solving complex operational, strategic and technological challenges in the Corporate Real Estate, Asset Management, Property Management, Real Estate Development and Homebuilding industries. 

This prior experience is leveraged by his knowledge within the Hemp industry to drive innovation, efficiencies within operational management and

technology solutions.  

Brian has a strong business and financial background leveraging entrepreneurial problem-solving skills and management experience. He has a proven track record of translating business challenges and opportunities into transformational solutions within organizations of all sizes and stages of maturity.